Focrg Donation

During the whole month of march we donated 10% of all joining fees to FOCRG as a thank you for all their fantastic work rehomeing our and other dogs at Crayford.

We raised the fantastic sum of £210 which will help to rehome more dogs in the future as we believe all dogs deserve a home after racing.


At the Bullseye Racing Club we are very welfare conscious which is a trait shared with our trainer Tom Levers. 

All dogs that race for our club will be re homed after they have finished racing. Either by our members or the Friends Of Crayford Retired Greyhounds FOCRG.

The FOCRG find homes for Crayfords ex racers and have strong links to the kennel.

We have had to rehome a couple of dogs over the last year and two of them Bullseye Bully and Bullseye Misty have been through FOCRG and one Bullseye Destiny have been rehomed by our wonderful members Mark and Gill.

We receive regular updates about there life after racing and I am pleased to say that they have all settled in their new homes and taken over the sofa.

Bullseye racing Club Ex Racers