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Weekly Review 11th-17th June

two runners this week with Lola and destiny featuring.

Unfortunately Lola stumbled and fell over in her race. she is completely fine from the fall and will have a week or so off before re-trialling. knowing the sort of dog Lola is she will be even more eager to win her next race.

Destiny found lots of trouble at the first bend after breaking very well in her A6 and ended up finishing fourth.

Bullseye master was unfortunately disqualified after his trial on wednesday he is a very young dog and still a bit immature. he is a lovely natured dog and will make a very nice pet for someone. We took the tough decision to retire him after the trial as it wouldnt be fair on himself and other dogs to try and re-trial him.

on a more positive note our new bitch Bullseye Misty had her first trial with a 3.80 split and 25.20 she stuck to the rails. she will find loads of time on this trial being her first look and being so young.