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23rd April - 29th April

Weekly Review

It was great too see a few members up the kennel this week. all members are welcome too visit on a Sunday too come and take the dogs out for a walk. we are planning on having another meet up there soon and maybe head to the pub for a couple of drinks after.

Club Dogs Performances

Bullseye Destiny – Destiny is still in season we look forward to her return in the next 3-5 weeks.

Bullseye Dolly – Another A6 for dolly this week and superb performance too go with it. Running on exceptionally well too only be denied a neck after coming away slowly. She avoided the trouble at the first bend and then showed her speed only narrowly missing out she is getting ever closer to that elusive win.

Bullseye Lola – Back over the 714m trip for Lola this week after showing some really nice pace to get herself into second. By the fifth bend the race was all over with trap 5 going on to score. Lola fell through the field in the later stages after doing all her hard work to get close to the leader eventually finishing last.

Bullseye Cooba – Another A5 for Cooba and a superb performance after Breaking in her best fashion she paced up well too record an impressive 3.51 split. She led till the fourth bend at which point she was picked up the extremely strong running trap 2 which had turned much handier than normal. It was still a fantastic run from cooba and we cant ask for much more than a performance like that. She is starting to show more consistency in her trapping. She would be a very prolific winner round Crayford if she continues the trend.