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Weekly review 5th-12th march

A very successful week for us this week with 2 winners, 2 seconds and a third. Tom has got our dogs running extremely well at the moment and I would just like to thank him and his team for all their hard work.

Cooba showed some exceptional promise winning in an excellent time, if she maintains her form she is going to be hard to beat in the next few weeks.

Club Dogs Performances

Bullseye Cooba – It was a big week for Cooba this week with two runs and her first win under her “Bullseye” name. Firstly on Tuesday she ran in an A6 and after showing some superb early pace with a 3.55 split, she led and never looked back going away to win by 3 and a quarter lengths in a superb 23.67 after going allowances. It has been her first clear run in a while she has been getting very unlucky of late, this victory should however give her a huge confidence boost for her next few runs. Cooba had her second run of the week live on RPGTV on Saturday night, showing similar superb early pace, unfortunately for us all trap 2 turned very handy and once it got on Cooba’s inside her stamina showed and she kicked on, Cooba did however run on really well for a solid second place finish.

Bullseye Dolly – Dolly lost her race at the start this week missing her break and being led by the rapidly improving trap 5. She did however run on very strongly again to finish third by only 3 lengths. It has been a while since her last win but we are sure it is coming. She is better than this current grade and when she comes away and gets on the bunny. We are sure to see a great performance.

Bullseye Lola – Lola was back to S7 this week in what looked a well suited race, after coming away superbly she paced up well and led early, unfortunately trap 4 was the dog that turned second which has been running very well recently and looking extremely dangerous, trap 4 showed good middle pace to nip up Lola’s inside then Lola’s stamina kicked in just too late and she couldn’t get to the 4 going down by a length. It was however a very promising time for Lola and would win a very high percentage of races in this grade.

Bullseye Destiny – Another superb performance from Destiny this week, her determination to win is really showing and hopefully she can continue to perform in even higher grades. After pacing up well she managed to get herself in a handy position by the last bend when her stamina kicked in and she managed to see Toms other runner in the race congrigg banker off by a neck.

Other news

We are still raising money for FOCRG with 20% of all joining fees. We have been doing well and should be able to make a difference for retired greyhounds with our donation at the end of the month. Don’t forget to mention the racing club to friends and family, more members means more dogs and it is a great time to get involved as any new members will be supporting a superb greyhound rehoming centre aswell.