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Weekly Review 25th February-5th March

Snow halted most of this week’s racing up and down the country, however huge credit has got to go to the Crayford track staff who only missed the Thursday meeting through weather and that was only on the roads. The track was completely safe for racing.

We hope you managed to catch us on RPGTV this Saturday. We both really enjoyed the show and hopefully gave people a few winners, between us we managed to select 14 of the 28 winners. We have also decided to add our £250 payment for appearing on the show to the club bank account to go towards future dog purchases.

Club Dogs Performances

Bullseye Cooba – Cooba competed in an A6 this week, unfortunately she missed the break and got very crowded on the first bend with some quick away dogs. The eventual winner of the race done it well and Cooba ended up finishing a fair way back in 5th. We are sure there is a big run to come from Cooba when she gets a clear run.

Bullseye Dolly – Dolly appeared on Saturday nights RPGTV card running on extremely well to finish 2nd behind a very good winner. She showed some very good middle pace after not getting to the bend in front and showed that she is better than her current grade when leading.

Bullseye Lola – Lola has been having a frustrating time of it at the moment being punished for some great runs in what is probably her grade. She has found herself up at A5 level and with the 380m trip being shorter than ideal is being slightly outpaced early and not really getting a chance to get back into the race. It can be expected and is only fair that when a dog wins they get upgraded however hopefully she will soon be downgraded and become a bit more competitive. She ended up finishing last this week in her only race being an A5.

Bullseye Destiny – Another tough race for Destiny this week but she gave her all and finished third. After trapping well from trap 3, trap 1 just about managed to sneak up her inside and stop her from leading crowding her every time Destiny tried to go past, being held up like this meant that some of the staying types in the race got into it and proved too strong around the last bend. She is showing some superb pace however and looks a danger in every race she is currently running.

Bullseye Bully – We have decided that due to the great work done by FOCRG with Bullseye Bully. We are going to donate 20% of all joining fees throughout March to the FOCRG. This won’t cause us any loss to the budget for future dog purchases as we have added our £250 RPGTV payment to the new dog fund. We strongly believe that every greyhound deserves a home once they have finished racing and would like to help ensure other dogs like Bully get a home when they retire.

Other news

We have been discussing the idea of purchasing a puppy and following its whole life throughout rearing, schooling and then getting to the track. This wouldn't stop us from maintaining a good racing strength. It would be great to hear your thoughts on this and see whether this is something you would like to see.

Cooba out enjoying the snow on saturday