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Monthly kennel report January 2018

Tom’s Kennel Report January

Tom had 23 winners at Crayford for January and Bullseye Destiny had three of these, this is not a true reflection on how the dogs are performing as they are all running really well. We have had to deal with the new Crayford dogs time table with a double meeting on Tuesday, a afternoon on Thursday, a morning on Friday and a double on Saturday. It has taken time to get used to it but the extra meeting is good for fans of greyhound racing and Tom’s kennel.


We have had some dogs that have come onto the card with Glenside Brandy, Glenside Dave and Budding Beauty. We have also had a couple of dog’s trial over the longer distance with Bullseye Lola over the 714 and Pesky One over the 540, Tom has also been preparing some dogs for retrial that have been off for some time, this will be happening over the coming weeks. This is all very good news for Tom as it improves his kennel strength further.

We have Really o Riley who is currently being trained over the hurdles. We have built a hurdle in one of our paddocks to train him on and his progress has been excellent, he has had a few hurdle hand slips over Crayford and has jumped them very well. Tom will now give him a few 380 hurdle trials before his clearing trials over the next few weeks/months.


Tom his very happy with the way Bullseye destiny is progressing, he thinks she shows great spirit when running. He also says Bullseye Dolly is training very well at the kennel and that her win is not far away. Bullseye Lola is now trialed over all three distances at Crayford and he was pleased with her performance in the 714 trial.

Unfortunately Bullseye Bully picked up another injury and we decided that because of his age, he will be retired with immediate effect. We have contacted Friends Of Crayford Retired Greyhounds and he will be found a loving home very soon.

The Crayford Golden Jacket Starts next month, which we hope will lead to some great racing at Crayford over the next few months and we hope to see you at the track or kennel soon.