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Weekly Review 22nd-28th January

It has been a good week of racing for us with 2 winners out of 2. We have also now set up a

member’s forum so anyone signing up after their free trial can join in with the discussions

and free monthly tipping competition on there.

Club dogs performances

Bullseye Destiny – Destiny won again this week making it 3 out of 4 for the month and

putting her well in the running for Crayford’s bitch of the month trophy. Destiny returned to

the 540m trip in an S6 after turning second to trap 5 she powered down the back straight to

see off a strong running dog by a neck to hold on for the win.

Bullseye Bully – Bully didn’t get a race this week but has been made available to the grader

so should be on the card early next week. The few weeks of he has had will have done him

good so hopefully he will hit a bit of form on his return.

Bullseye Lola – Lola ran in a A6 on Thursday evening and surprised us to come away with a

5 length victory. With trap 6 being withdrawn it gave her plenty more room on the track. She

came away with her best ever split and recorded her fastest ever time. It looks like the runs

over the further distance has helped improve her fitness. If producing the same run when

going over 714m she is sure to build up quite an advantage at E3 level so it is all looking up

for her.

Bullseye Dolly – Dolly had no run this week, she has been put in for an A4 on Tuesday

morning. The week off will do her some good and she showed a lot of awareness when on

her walk Sunday and when she has been up in the paddocks.

Club News

Due to some great feedback from our free trial members and a number of people signing up,

we have purchased a new dog. She is a young lightly raced April 16 bitch and we believe

she will be a great addition to our squad. She is already a proven winner and there is plenty

more to come from her as she is so young and learning every time she runs. We hope any

trial members who haven’t already signed up do so, so we can all follow her progress

together. This will be the first of many purchases this year.

This is the last weekly review accessible to anyone not continuing into February, we hope all

trial members enjoyed it just as much we have!

We are looking forward to a successful 2018 filled with lots of winners and new additions.