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Weekly Review 15th-21st January

One winner for us this week with Bullseye Destiny let’s hope for some more success next week. I would just like to apologize that the text for her race was slightly late. We will ensure that these get sent out at least 2 hours prior to the race in future.

It was good to see a few owners at the kennel on Sunday we will be there again next Sunday so feel free to come up. After some feedback we received we have started work to build a members forum to give all members a chance to talk. There will also be a tipping competition starting in February that will be free to take part in. If anyone has anything else they would like to see get in touch any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Club Dogs Performances

Bullseye Destiny – Destiny ran on Tuesday and it was all over at the boxes when she trapped out and led round there was no catching her. She went on to win comfortably by a length and a half in the A6. This should give her some very good confidence going into her 540m return next Tuesday.

Bullseye Bully – Bully had no run this week as he was still recovering from his minor injury. Tom checked him over Sunday and he is now clear to return to the track and won’t need to retrial so should be back on the card this week or next.

Bullseye Dolly – Dolly competed another tough A4 this week and the return to trap six wasn’t enough as she missed her break and found herself last at the first bend. Dolly needs to be off the front at this level and with her trapping she often finds herself in that position. However it wasn’t to be this week and she finished last.

Bullseye Lola – Lola stepped back up to 540m this week and found some trouble after not getting her best break. It was a bit of a disappointing result as she looked to have a very good chance but with trouble in running she ran an okay race. We feel that the 714m trip will suit her much better and she does trap better from the other boxes and with a bit of a longer run up to the bend should get more space to work with.

Other news

We are currently working on a member’s forum and hope to have it ready by the end of the week. We will also be in touch towards the end of the week to see if you have enjoyed your free trial and would like to become owners going into February. If we get a good signup rate from trial members we are currently looking at adding at least one more dog to the racing clubs strength.

If you would like to sign up at the end of the month it costs a one-off £50 payment which goes towards buying new dogs and then a £10 a month payment from then on to cover kennel bills and vet bills. We also offer a yearly deal that saves £20 over the year if paying everything up front. You will receive a certificate of ownership if joining and retain all membership benefits.

Bullseye Bully on his walk this week.