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Weekly Review 01/01 - 07/01

Last week was the first of the new schedule with Crayford adding a Tuesday night meeting and replacing their Friday night for a Friday morning. The 1st Tuesday night meeting was not very busy but I think this will pick up later in the year. We are looking forward to organising a few club nights on Tuesday nights which we hope will be well supported.

Club dogs performances

BULLSEYE BULLY – Bully ran live Saturday night in a H3 on RPGTV. He was in a tough race and didn’t stand a chance because of the tough competition. Bully unfortunately came off with an minor injury on his leg, this will mean he will be off for a couple of weeks. I spoke to Tom on Sunday, he says it is nothing to be worried about and he has a treatment plan in place which will speed up the process of his return.

BULLSEYE DESTINY – Destiny won her A6 380m race. She found trouble at the 1st and was a length behind at the 2nd bend, on the straight she kicked on to get level by the 3rd. When she came out of the last bend she was ahead and won by a length and a half. We were really pleased at how well she ran and can’t wait to see her in the next race.

BULLSEYE DOLLY – Dolly has not had a race this week so she has had a week of rest. Even though Dolly has not raced she has been on the running machine in the kennel and has had a few trips up the paddock to keep her active and fresh.

BULLSEYE LOLA – Lola raced on Tuesday in an A6 over 380m. The race was always going to be a tough one for her but she ran really well and finished 3rd by a length. We were very impressed with her strong finish to the race, that we believe Lola has a future over the 714m.

Other news

This week saw the launch of William Hills Betting TV which shows all greyhound races live across the UK. The good thing with this is that you don’t need to bet to watch our dogs run, this is a feature that I have enjoyed using this last week. Check it out

We have launched our brand new member’s zone this week. I hope all members found it easy to create an online account. Feel free to contact us if you have any trouble getting signed up.