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Welcome To The Bullseye Racing Club

The Bullseye Racing Club name was born out of our aim to create a platform to offer greyhound fans a cheap and engaging way to get involved in the sport.

It is an exciting club to be a part of. We aim to regularly add new dogs, with future plans of home bred and open class dogs all in our very own prefix "Bullseye".

We currently have four dogs under our Bullseye prefix. Which are Bullseye Dolly, Bullseye Lola, Bullseye Destiny and Bullseye Bully.

Our dogs are trained by Tom Levers who is one of the leading young trainers in the country, Tom takes pride in all the dogs in his kennel. He has great communication with owners and therefore we believe he is the best trainer for our dogs. Tom has top class facilities in his kennel with the latest equipment to reduce injury’s times and has 5 paddocks which will be used to train and school our dogs. He is signed to Crayford which is one of the most popular tracks in the UK. The track hosts 5 race meetings a week which is soon to rise to six from January the 1st. Saturday nights are televised live on RPGTV which gives plenty of opportunities to watch our club dogs live.

We hope you enjoy the club.

Bullseye Racing Club

The blog will be reguarly updated with: Monthly kennel updates on the whole of the Tom Levers kennel and Updates on new club dogs will be posted here.

Members will receive:

A weekly Bullseye Racing Club update, race videos, text alerts and much much more.

The Bullseye Racing Club Welcomes You Find Information On How To Join On Our Website Or Twitter.

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