Bullseye Cooba

(Vulturi x Coolavanny Samba) - April 16

Runs - 96    Wins - 21    Seconds - 11

Bullseye Cooba was an early paced middle bitch who suited Crayford really well.  She won an incredible 21 races and had an amazing 96 races. She was a very hard bitch to pass when leading and unfortunately had to be retired due to picking a muscle injury. Cooba was an incredible little bitch who is now enjoying her retirement.

Bullseye Dolly

(Ullid Conor x Woodhill Mist) - Aug 15

Bullseye Dolly was re-homed by Portsmouth Greyhound Trust. Dolly's career was an incredible one with 135 races and 26 wins. She struggled to grade on early on in her career but she got up to A3 grade at Crayford. Her stand out performance was on 5th May 2018 when she won her A6 in a time of 23.23 and by 7 1/4 lengths. She was the favorite of the both the kennel staff and members and we wish her all the best in her well deserved retirement.

Runs - 135      Wins - 26      Seconds - 18

Bullseye Misty

(Mall Brandy x Design Lady) - Aug 16

Bullseye Misty was re-homed by the FOCRG, finding a new home in France. Misty's career was unfortunately cut short after only 4 races she suffered a career ending injury. Misty graded in beating her litter sister by 2 and a half lengths in 24.48. She built an instant rapport with members on Sundays and although her time at the kennel was brief, she will be missed and is sure to make a lovely pet for her new family in France.

Runs - 4    Wins - 0    Seconds - 0

Bullseye Bully

(Central City x Carol and Amanda) Sep 13

Bullseye Bully was re-homed by the FOCRG. Bully a 37KG railer began his English career with a win in A5 company at Crayford. After winning 2/7 flat races, Bully was schooled over hurdles. He was a very good jumper and often showed good early pace on his way to winning a further 8 hurdle races before his retirement. Bully was a very caring dog in the kennel and loved his Sunday walks with members, he is bound to make a fantastic pet now he has been re-homed by the FOCRG.

Runs - 74    Wins - 11    Seconds - 8

Bullseye Lola

(Scolari Me Daddy x Watch Out Lily) - Jun 15

Bullseye Lola was re-homed by the Portsmouth greyhound trust. Lola was retired after making her 130th appearance at Crayford, in a successful career Lola won 23 races over all three graded trips at Crayford - 380m, 540m and 714m. Lola always tried very hard on the track showing great determination and she loved her racing. similar to her running style on the track Lola loved long walks on a Sunday and we are certain she will make a great pet.

Runs - 130    Wins - 23    Seconds - 19

Bullseye DESTINY

(Kinloch Brae x Paradise siesta) - Jul 15

Bullseye Destiny was re-homed by members Mark and Gill. Destiny's career was unfortunately cut short after she suffered an injury. Destiny was very consistent throughout her career finishing in the top 3 in 40 of her 58 races. Wining from A8-A5 over 380m plus S6-S5 over 540m. Destiny now lives with Mark, Gill and Harley. It is fantastic to see her regularly at the kennel on Sundays when she comes to walk the rest of the Bullseye dogs with the help of her new family.

Runs - 58    Wins - 14    Seconds - 12

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