Bullseye Racing Club Pup

We have always wanted to add a pup to our club as a way of looking to the future and on the 3rd December our wish came true.

He is a lovely little boy who has so much potential as he is well bred and a massive character in his litter. The whole litter is growing bigger by the day and love there cuddles in the morning, they love there food and enjoy running up and down the paddock with our racing dogs.

We are looking looking forward to seeing him and his litter start schooling and hitting the track.

In May Lols Peach was mated with Kinloch Brae.


Lols Peach was confirmed pregnant at her first scan.


The Pups where born in September 2018.


It was a massive litter with 11 little puppies  with 5 Black and 6 Brindle.


Lols Peach was a Fantastic mother looking after such a big litter.


The puppies are growing so fast and are enjoying life in the paddocks.


On the 3rd of December we purchased our little Bullseye Pup and we are looking forward to a great future!