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Bullseye Racing Club

Bullseye Racing Club

About us

Our name was born out of our aim to create a platform to offer greyhound fans a cheap and engaging way to get involved in the sport so we decided that £50 would be a fair price, hence the Bullseye Racing Club.

By joining the club you are entitled to a share in all of the dogs under the Bullseye Racing Clubs name. We aim to have a minimum of four dogs at any time.

It is an exciting club to be a part of we aim to regularly add new dogs, with future plans of home bred and open class dogs all in our very own prefix "Bullseye". It is an opportunity you cant afford to miss.

Tom Levers

Tom Levers is one of the leading young trainers in the country. He has bred top quality dogs himself that perform in the top grades. Tom takes pride in all the dogs in his kennel and every dog gets treated the same. He has great communication with owners and we believe that our dogs will thrive under Toms top class facility’s.

About the Kennel

The kennel is run by Tom and his excellent team of kennel staff. They all take pride in making sure all dogs are well cared for in terms of sufficient bedding, clean facilities, fresh water and much more. Toms kennel has the latest equipment to reduce injury’s times and has 5 paddocks which are used  when the dogs are not running or injured.


Crayford is one of the most popular tracks in the UK. Offering some of the best prize money around. The track hosts 6 race meetings a week. Saturday nights are televised live on RPGTV which gives plenty of opportunities to watch club dogs live.


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